River's Edge GIS

Providing GIS services to local government

Our Services

River’s Edge GIS is a geographic information consulting company providing services for local, regional, and state governemnt agencies. Services range from data conversion to software development. River's Edge combined staff has been working in the field of GIS for over 30 years, almost exclusively with local governments.

GIS Mapping Projects

Need your master plan updated or other cartographic products, consider River's Edge for your mapping requirements.

On-site Services

Need GIS services, but not a full time position, consider on-site GIS services from River's Edge. We can tailor or service options to fit your GIS needs.

Cloud Services

Whether it be for a few people or your entire enterpirse, cloud services offer GIS solutions on many levels!


CivicSight has been providing access to GIS Data for 20+ years. CivicSight began as a low-cost solution for municpal organizations to distrubute GIS information throughout the organization. Many of the same benefits CivicSight provided back in 1998 are still important today. CivicSight functionality has increased to meet the needs of current users and also to meet the changing technology requirements.


CivicSight requires one license per organization. For roughly the cost of one leading desktop GIS software, CivicSight can be installed on as many desktops and laptops as needed.

Supported Mapping Layers

CivicSIght supports ESRI, AUtoCAD, Microstation, and many Image (raster) data sets.

Key Functionality

  • Parcel Searching
  • Parcel Notifications
  • Site Maps
  • Hotlinks
  • Configuration Manager

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7

Our Team

River's Edge is a small company made up of one Principal and one GIS Analyst/Technician. Projects range from stand-alone applications, mapping projects, data conversion projects, and web based applications.

Joel Lenz


Christopher Gallant

GIS Technician

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